Since 1989, Wheeler, Inc. has provided high quality construction services in Tennessee and Kentucky. 30 years of experience allows us to understand your commercial property’s construction needs. We offer installation for roofing, siding, and much more.


Roof Installation

Wheeler Inc. is one of the best roofing companies accessible. We provide metal roof installation, slate roofing installation, flat roof installation, and more for commercial business structures.


Siding Installation

We provide many different types of siding installation throughout Tennessee and Kentucky, including vinyl siding installation, wood siding installation, and fiber cement siding installation for corporations.


Gutter Installation

Wheeler Inc. has a team of local gutter installers that provides professional gutter installation for corporate structures. Our gutter installation services include repairing soffit and replacing fascia.

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Window Installation

Finding quality window installation companies can be difficult. Wheeler Inc. has a team of professional window installers you can trust, whether you have a small commercial property or large.


Wheeler, Inc. has years of experience solving problems unique to commercial business renovations. We know how important it is to stay on schedule and on budget, so let our experts help today.


Roof Repair

Our roofing specialists at Wheeler Inc. are proficient in the different types of roof repair and provide emergency roof repair services as well as roof leak repair throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.


Siding Repair

Allow us to help diagnose your commercial siding problems and suggest repair solutions. Vinyl siding repair, aluminum siding repair, and wood siding repair are a few examples of the siding repair services that we provide.


Gutter Repair

Wheeler Inc. supplies our customers with high quality gutter repair services in Tennessee and Kentucky such as resecuring gutters and replacing any missing gutter sections, fascia boards, and soffit.


Window Repair

Choosing to repair your old windows can be energy and cost efficient. Our team of window specialists excel in providing window repair services. Get a free estimate to see how we can help.


Wheeler, Inc. has professionals that can help with your capital expenditure projects. Our experience working closely with commercial businesses allows us to make sure your replacement projects run smoothly.


Roof Replacement

When looking for a commercial roof replacement, allow our roofing experts to help. Our clear scope of work, transparent proposals, and professional execution distinguish us from our competitors.


Siding Replacement

We have been providing siding replacement services that include replacing vinyl siding, replacing wood siding, and much more throughout Tennessee and Kentucky for 30 years. Call today to see how we can help.


Gutter Replacement

Not only do we provide full removal and gutter replacement, but our specialists are also trained to install different sizes of gutters and multiple accessories such as downspouts and gutter screens.

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Window Replacement

Window replacement can lead to lower maintenance and lower energy bills. Our team at Wheeler Inc. specializes in replacing windows and providing the best replacement windows available.


Wheeler Inc. can help with your commercial addition projects, whether they be simple or complex. Call our experts today for a free quote on expanding your commercial building.


Commercial Additions

When considering an addition, look to Wheeler Inc. to increase the amount of space for your growing commercial business. Our commercial building addition contractors are ready to help you today.


Garages & Storage

Wheeler Inc. can help provide your business with a garage and a proper storage area. Get a free estimate today from our professionals to get more detailed information on the storage units we supply.


Wheeler can help you with all your paint and stain needs, whether your project is large or small. Let us help maintain the curb appeal of your commercial property.


Exterior Painting

Our exterior painters provide services such as painting entire commercial buildings, staining balconies, and much more. Allow Wheeler Inc. to work with your team and deliver professional results.


Pressure Washing

From sidewalk and siding on buildings to breezeways and balconies, Wheeler Inc. can pressure wash it all for your company. Contact us today to see how we can help with your pressure washing needs.


Wheeler, Inc. has maintained an area as one of the best general construction companies and contractors in Tennessee & Kentucky since 1989. For many years, we have offered solutions for all of your general construction and building needs.

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